Our company, which was established as a family company in 1983 with the joint affiliation of Ramazan and Ömer Çakan, started to operate as a small workshop in the field of baby and child supplies, and continues to produce 100% domestic cars by turning into a 5000m2 factory.

Our company, which has the rightful pride of succeeding in achieving the firsts with the innovations it has developed and pioneered in its sector, has adopted the principle of offering its customers the best, the best quality and the most affordable price. It is proceeding on its way confidently today as it was in the past.

Our company, which has adopted the safety and health of your baby as a principle, continues its production in accordance with these standards by establishing its own test center and receiving the EN1888 certificate from the Turkish Standards Institute in 2018.

We would like to thank you, our expert management staff, technical service team and factory staff, who appreciate the happiness of mothers and babies, for their interest in our brand, to the actors and end consumers and all mothers, to our brand.

Founder / Board of Directors
Ramazan ÇAKAN & Ömer ÇAKAN

General Manager